Well, one night after I had turned it down, he [Gene Roddenberry] called me from his outdoor Jacuzzi and told me to “Just take the part.” He assured me I was to be the love interest of Picard and a sort of Chief Surgeon of the Universe, plus a good mother. It was “a great part, a new kind of female role.” But it was kind of strange to hear the water jets pumping in the background. It was my first-ever Jacuzzi call, you know. He said, “Take the part and you, too, can have a Jacuzzi in your backyard.” But I put a pool in instead.

— Gates McFadden [x]

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On this day 26 years ago, the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered.

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opening credits + the next generation

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just as much as a man can
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You are iron. 
And you are strong. (x)

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Gates McFadden is a gem! <3

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old people fandom ideals: chill mom and dad supreme vibesimage

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Computer: Autopsy files are restricted to active medical personnel only. Access denied. 

Doctor Crusher: Damn.

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Sometimes I get bored? It was just Janeway and Seven based on the w13: tng ones and then I spoke to asteriski. You can blame her.

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happy birthday to my dear friend, miranda (gatesmcfaddens) ♥ there is no one better to celebrate your birthday with than dancing gates and captain beverly. i hope you have the most wonderful birthday. i can’t wait to celebrate your birthday together. i love you to pieces.

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Q Are Cordially Invited


The wedding of Captain Jean-Luc Picard to Doctor Beverly Crusher was a small, private affair overseen by the mayor of La Barre, France, and witnessed by the groom’s sister-in-law and the mayor’s wife. At least, that’s what the happy couple always told their friends. On the anniversary of that blessed day, however, Worf and Geordi La Forge manage to coax the real story out of the pair, to discover a tale of mythical treasure and a lost civilization in the Delta Quadrant. It all begins when the omnipotent being Q crashes the festivities, declaring himself best man and bringing along an unwilling guest as a surprise for the groom.

I’m so excited!!!!!

Hell yeahhhhhh!!!!! Been waiting for this since you last mentioned it ages ago! Even tho it’s a novella it looks like a good lengthy piece at 120 pages, I’m stoked :D (but why is Q on the cover and not them making out or something lmao come ON!)

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Update: I have ticket, so I go. And die.

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This time I’m going to dress the part. Why not come with me?

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